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Create your Budget

Deciding to build a custom home in Northwest Arkansas can be a big undertaking. While extremely exciting, its also important to keep things in check. The best way to do this is to select a custom home builder that will work with you during the planning stage and help you establish the right budget. A good builder will work hard to help you understand the underlying costs of building a custom home. Continue reading below for the primary cost factors that will make up your custom home building budget. 

Cost Factors

Land Prep

Before building begins your land will need to be prepared. Clearwater also looks at the land to see what the best placement for the home is. The budget needs to include how much it takes to clear the land and prep the home site for foundation (tree removal, building the house pad and grade required). This budget also includes what will be required to install the driveway.


We budget as closely as possible for the framing materials required for each specific set of plans. We also have a good working relationship with our framers and know they have a minimal amount of waste and are budget conscious of the materials they use. This is not true with all framing crews and can really eat up a huge amount of framing cost if the crew does not control their waste factor.


This is where we work to understand your needs and style as closely as possible during the bidding process. If we know the finishes and overall look you are trying to achieve from the beginning, then we can include the appropriate allowances in the planning. We are well versed in labor rates and know what budgets to allow in labor to achieve your ideal finished product.


The portion of your budget that goes towards the foundation  will cover requirements like digging the footings and finishing out the slab. Our budget includes an average block height required for the foundation based on the grade of your land. The block height significantly affects the cost of the foundation itself. This is a very important step where problems can easily occur, but with Clearwater’s extensive knowledge we can help you avoid and combat issues easily.


We work closely during the bidding process with each of our mechanical vendors to build packages based on the specifics of each home.

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