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Planning With Clearwater

On our first time talking with a prospective client we ask a series of questions so we understand the dream home  and timeline they have in mind. We also provide a general idea of the cost-per-square-foot of a Clearwater custom home build before we begin the bidding process. This allows us to have a starting target budget. However, since each home is unique and has specific requirements, this first number acts as more of a guide. Many adjustments and changes happen as the process moves forward.

Once we fully understand all of our clients wants, needs, and special requests, we draft a preliminary pricing review that includes all of the details for the home. From there we schedule a one-on-one meeting to work through the numbers and make suggested adjustments. This can mean adding in higher-end amenities than originally planned or scaling back on the amenities to reach the target budget. Once we have the finalized decisions and numbers we create the proposal and contract.

If you have more questions about the cost of building a custom home download our free cost guide!

pricing review

One-on-one meeting

Budget Adjustments

Final Proposal

Building With Clearwater

We are involved at the beginning when the land is purchased and the house plans are finalized. This allows us to give a realistic price to our clients to take to their lenders to ensure they are receiving enough funds for the amenities and site prep requirements for their home.

Pre-construction meetings

We like to have a pre-construction meeting to outline how the building process will look from your point of view. This is also the time where we show you how to use the Clearwater App to track the build progress.

Change Orders

If you chose to make a selection for your home that is over the allotted budget, we will make you aware through our Clearwater App. We clearly show the price of the overage as well as any additional time frame that the change might require.

On-Site meetings

We have several stages throughout the project that require on-site walk-thru’s and you will get to see the progress in person. These include: 

Site supervisor

Jon, the founder and owner of Clearwater Construction, will visit your site at least 3 times per week. Between Jon and our project managers, someone will visit your site every day.


Our Clearwater App allows you to easily send messages directly to the project managers. We also track daily logs and progress through our app so you can see what is happening everyday.


We prescreen every subcontractor and require that anyone onsite is covered under their own general liability and work comp policy. We are also implementing an onsite safety center that will soon be available at each home site.

Clearwater Quality Control & Management

Process, schedule management and quality control is a huge undertaking in a custom home build. Clearwater has the knowledge to prevent and address problems appropriately and find the right solutions.

We plan 3 steps ahead of what phase the home is in to keep the project moving in a timely manner. We know how to ensure quality control along each phase of the project so that one small overlooked mistake doesn’t bring problems to the rest of the project.

Key Success Factors:


Schedule management

Quality Control

Planning ahead

our goal

Our goal is to make the custom building process as smooth as possible and take the stress of building off of our clients. We take the time needed to get a clear idea of what each client wants and needs. This allows us to communicate and plan early with all vendors to make the experience seamless and fun!

"Jon, Keith, and the rest of the crew did a phenomenal job on building our dream home! They were patient, helpful, and managed to finish ON TIME and UNDER budget! I'd highly recommend Clearwater to anyone!"
Cori F.

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