The Top 9 Benefits

To Building A Custom Home


New, New & New!

When you build a custom home, you are going to be the very first person to live in it! This comes with a ton of perks, but the icing on the cake is being the very first family to move in and make memories in that home. There is something so unique and special about a new home you built yourself, you can’t find that kind of a connection to an existing house.


Your Dream Home, at Your Budget

Building a custom home has a reputation for being expensive, but the reality is the cost is up to you! Your choices (size, location, materials, etc.) all add up to the cost of your custom home. By working with a honest and experienced builder like Clearwater you can stick to your budget and get your dream home!

If you have more questions about the cost of building, check out our free cost guide here!


Perfectly Meets Your Needs

You get to pick everything! Not only the design and aesthetic choices but the functionality and layout too. Do you want an extra-large mudroom so your kids and fur babies can all enter the house at the same time? Do you need an in-law suite with a separate entrance on the ground floor? Should your garage have some extra storage for woodworking or automotive hobbies? Whatever your needs are, building a custom home is the best way to ensure they are all met!


No repairs or updates

While older homes will need some repairs like cleaning out pipes, replacing the roof, or upkeep on exterior finishes, new homes are already up to date with the newest everything! You won’t be signing on for any surprises or emergency fixes right after you move into a brand new home.


Your Personal Style

When shopping for an existing house you’ll see lots of things you want to change because they don’t fit your personal style. But when you build a home, everything fits your style! You make each choice from the shape of the upstairs window down to what doorknobs are used. All of it comes together in a house that is uniquely you.

If you choose Clearwater Construction as your builder, we will help you work through all of the design choices to achieve the look and feel you want in your new home. Contact us here with any questions!


Energy Efficient

Another major advantage of a new home is that you will have the newest energy-efficient options at your disposal. Not only can you choose things like the insulation and windows, which will impact your heating and cooling bills, but you’ll also benefit from having the most recent technology at your disposal, this means:

  • You save money on heating and cooling bills
  • Better choice for the environment
  • A more comfortable home!


We design every HVAC system installed specifically for each custom home we build. Working with us, you will get to choose your system-level; Entry, Mid-Tier, or High Efficiency and your preference of Gas, Electric, or a Hybrid along with many other considerations! We’ll walk you through all of the options to make sure you understand everything available and what you’re getting.


Modern Features & Finishes

Building a new home will naturally make sure you have all of the most modern features and finishes. Even if you have vintage or family heirloom touches you want to be incorporated, those can be added in while still achieving the modern comfort you expect in a new home.


Location Choice

Building a custom home means you can choose your land and the neighborhood it’s in! An existing house limits you and often means compromising on the house, location, school district, or price.

Working with an experienced builder like Clearwater will give you the guidance you need to get everything you are looking for in a home! Contact us here to get your bid.



When moving into an existing house, the location and position of the house and yard are already chosen for you. Building a custom home allows you to choose your privacy level. You can have an open back yard or something more removed and secluded from nearby neighbors.

Clearwater can help you decide where your house should be positioned on your land to get the privacy you want. Contact us today to learn more!

Talk To The Experts

We stand by our product and, in turn, our satisfied clients stand by us. We are happy to provide our clients with quality and dependable workmanship that stands the test of time. We at Clearwater Construction would be privileged to make your dream a reality with your next custom home!